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How we started

At Pikkie Products we bring you unique, wholesome, quality homewares, gifts, and fashion accessories for you to enjoy and inspire everyday. Established in 2004 by owner and designer, Susan Llewelyn in Kew East, Pikkie began with an idea at a local kindy committee meeting. The idea floated was if anyone could make a quilt of childrens handprints that coud be sold at an upcoming fundraiser for the kinder.  Having had a career in fashion and tinkered with the odd op-shop dress, Susan volunteered and the quilt, among many other prizes sold well and the night was a big success.  One of the guests at the event asked Susan to be a stall holder at her local primary school fete and not working at the time (apart from looking after three young children) she accepted. From there, Susan created a range of childrens aprons, quilts, library bags, smocks, wheatpacks, table linens and doorstops and again the night went well, the items sold and this making thing seemed almost effortless. 

Along the way

Of course making a few things for a school fete and creating a business is something else entirely but along the way Pikkie happened. Some days were easy, inspirational and light and others were incredibly stressful, long and lonely. Somehow, in and amongst the growing and revolving lives of her three children, husband Michael and a few stray cats, Pikkie grew in and around the kitchen table, until the business was inextricably sewn into the fabric of daily life. Pikkie could be found at the iconic Sunday Arts Centre Market, the Queen Victoria Night Markets and in boutiques across Australia. Soon Pikkie became Susan's sometimes playful, sometimes exhausting 'fourth child'.

What we are doing today

This year Pikkie was put into timeout for two months when Susan found sleep impossible. Things had to change and Susan started her lifelong journey into mindfulness and wellbeing for herself, her family and her business. Days are now spent moving slowly, exercising, saluting the sun, encouraging independance, quelling adrenaline, drinking lots of tea, making things to love, meditating (well sometimes). As fate would have it, new opportunities and partnerships have already emerged with businesses in the health and wellness sectors and like minded individuals who we love working with and who would like to partner with us.

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